Safe and Stable Operation

Safe and Stable Operation
As the pillar in the national economic development, petroleum and petrochemical industries serve many other industries such as the automobile, textile, dyeing and printing, electronics, construction, packaging, transportation, agriculture and the aerospace industry. With the development of science and technology, the petrochemical products are used more and more broadly and serving all aspects of our lives.

As China's largest energy and chemical company, Sinopec adheres to the principle of "being a leader in quality management" and the goal of "excellent quality and sufficient quantity for customer satisfaction". With the convenient and well-established service system, Sinopec not only provides quality, sufficient and diversified products as well as thoughtful and caring services, but grows with the clients as well.

HSE Management System
Intrinsic Safety

Safety Management of the Supply Chain
Safety management of the supply chain can generate synergy with that of production and helps to reduce accidents. That is why we extend safety management from inside the company to the supply chain.

Public Security
Our HSE management system is characterized by the alignment of target deployment, inspection and assessment inside and outside China on regular basis.

Inside China, HSE is focused on oil and gas fields and pipelines. In 2011, we developed and sent out Notification of Building Secure Oilfields and Notification of Building Secure Pipelines, and worked out anti terrorist guidelines. Oil-related criminal cases went down by 20.5%. Cases of drilling into pipelines to steal oil and to steal fuel products fell by 8.3%, and 71.6% respectively.

Outside China, we are constantly improving overseas safety management system. In 2011, we formulated regulation on overseas HSSE management, and revised regulations on overseas public security management and training. We designated organizations in charge of public security in 52 countries and regions. We continued to keep high attention on and make study of the security situation in high risk regions, promulgate risk assessment reports and HSSE bulletins. We successfully evacuated more than 800 employees from Libya, Japan, Yemen and Syria. There were no incidents outside China that caused loss of human life.


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