Continuous Energy Supply

Continuous Energy Supply
Energy powers economic and social development. In future, energy demand will grow constantly and fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal will continue to play a major role in energy supply. In the meantime, alternative energy will grow fast to be an important supplement.


Srengthening the Resource Basis

In recent years, Sinopec has been continuously increasing the investment into the energy sector to accelerate development at home and abroad. By doing so, we have gained access to not only more oil and natural gas resources, but unconventional and renewable resources as well, thus increasing the gross amount of resources and optimizing the energy mix.

Constantly Expanding Investment
Making Efforts to Expand Reserves and Production. Accelerating the Import of Overseas Resources Diversifying the Energy Mix

Shaping an Integrated Value Chain
Before being used in people's daily life or as the feedstock for further production, oil and gas needs to be processed in refineries and petrochemical plants. While constantly strengthening the resource basis, Sinopec also focuses on research, production, distribution and marketing. With its unique integrated upstream and downstream businesses along the oil and gas value chain, Sinopec is able to provide energy and premium services for the clients.


Continued Pursuit of Technological Progress
The innovation of science and technology, together with management innovation and the higher quality of its workforce are of strategic significance to the development of Sinopec. With the synergy of its integrated businesses, Sinopec has pressed ahead with the research and development of application, fundamental and forward-looking technologies and provided our clients with diversified products with high performance.


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