Oil refining and Petrochemical

SINOPEC comprises six main research institutes and four engineering institutes which have built a comprehensive R&D system involved in exploration, refining, petrochemical and environmental protection and have strong engineering capability and decades of designing experiences. By virtue of the above advantages SINOPEC can provide multi-technical package solutions target the product of fuel oil and petrochemicals, especially for refinery with one line maximum processing capacity of 10,000 KMTA. The gasoline and diesel can be produced which specifications meet the requirement of EURO V. In organizing and integrating the R&D and engineering resources, SINOPEC TECH, which is on behalf of SINOPEC for the technology licensing business can provide state-of-the-art technology licensing on global market, including consultation, PDP design and on-site services, etc. We hope to have opportunities to cooperate with customers in any refining and petrochemical projects, revamping or new units.

Refinery & Chemical Product Export

Refinery & chemical product export is a key component of Sinopec’s operational strategy. In order to grow the international trade both in volume and in strength, China Petrochemical International Co., Ltd. (Sinopec Int’l) has been actively developing the international market. Its main export products including catalyst, lubricants, paraffin wax, petroleum coke, and asphalt, etc. have been sold to over 100 countries and regions on 5 continents, with an annual export volume of over 700,000 metric tons, and 500 million US dollars in value.


Sinopec exported 15000 metric tons of catalyst with a total value of 50 million US Dollars in 2009. Sinopec catalyst has successfully entered the market of USA, Japan, Sweden, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan Province and Sudan.


In 2009, Sinopec Int’l exported 15000 metric tons of lubricants, total 20 million US Dollars in value with destination countries and regions including Philippines, Afghanistan, Taiwan Province, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Cameroon, etc.

Equipment and materials

As the trading arm of SINOPEC, with the strong market influence, and the rapid development of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, SINOPEC International are exporting products from SINOPEC manufactures such as Drilling Rigs, Pipes, Towers, Reactors and Heat Exchangers, and other products fabricated by our strategic partners and jointly developed by SINOPEC International. We have established long term cooperation with leading oil companies such as BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and global engineering companies such as Technip, Aker Kvaerner, Saipam and CBI etc.


Our equipments and materials have been exported to USA, Canada, Russia, Poland, India, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa and Middle East countries, widely used in oilfields, oil refining and chemical industries. Our rigs have been erected and used in the Arctic Circle, Middle East, Indonesia, America, and other regions and countries. Big Columns with diameter upto 9.8 meters have been exprorted to India. Line Pipes have been in use in Brazil and Middle East. Besides, our main export products also include tubing, casing, workover rig, drill pipe, seamless pipe, drilling equipment, fracturing equipment and cable etc.


SINOPEC owns 5 overseas subsidiaries respectively in Middle East, Russia, USA, Europe and Japan, which are responsible for on-site service of exported equipments and materials. In case any technical support and after-sale service are required, our regional account managers and product managers will always be available and will arrive at the customer’s site in the shortest time.


SINOPEC has been endeavoring to offer customers integrated procurement solutions with most competitive products and best service, and assist them to achieve success with all our efforts.



Sinopec is a listed company on domestic and international stock exchanges with integrated upstream, midstream and downstream operations, strong oil & petrochemical core businesses and a complete marketing network. The Company was incorporated on 25th February, 2000 by China Petrochemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopec Group") as the sole initiator, pursuant to the Company Law of the People's Republic of China. The 16.78 billion H shares were listed in Hong Kong, New York and London Stock Exchanges on 18th and 19th October, 2000. The 2.8 billion A shares were listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on 8th August, 2001. As of end 2017, the Company's total number of shares is near 121.1 billion, of which 95.6 billion are domestic A shares and 25.5 billion are overseas H shares.


Sinopec Corp. is one of the largest integrated energy and chemical companies in China. Its principal operations include the exploration and production, pipeline transportation and sale of petroleum and natural gas; the production, sale, storage and transportation of refinery products, petrochemical products, coal chemical products, synthetic fibre, and other chemical products; the import and export, including an import and export agency business, of petroleum, natural gas, petroleum products, petrochemical and chemical products, and other commodities and technologies; and research, development and application of technologies and information. The Company is a large scale integrated energy and chemical company with upstream, mid-stream and downstream operations. The Company is a large-scale oil and gas producer in China; in respect of refining capacity, it ranks first in China; equipped with a well-developed refined oil products sales network, the Company is the largest supplier of refined oil products in China; and in terms of ethylene production capacity, the Company takes the first position in China, and has a well-established marketing network for chemical products.


Sinopec Corp. has established a standardized structure of corporate governance and adopted a management system of centralized decision-making, delegated authorities at different levels and business operations handled by specialized business units. It has more than 100 subsidiaries and branches including wholly-owned, equity-holding and equity-sharing companies, engaging in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, chemicals, marketing, R&D and foreign trade. Business assets and principal markets are located in the east, south and middle part of China, where China's most developed and dynamic economy lies.


As an endeavor to become a multinational energy and chemical company with fairly strong international competitiveness, Sinopec Corp. will seriously implement strategies of resource, market, integration and internationalization with more focus on innovation of science, technology and management expertise, as well as improvement of employees' quality.


Sinopec Group, the largest shareholder of Sinopec Corp., is a super-large petroleum and petrochemical group incorporated by the State in 1998 based on the former China Petrochemical Corporation. Funded by the State, it is a State authorized investment arm and State-owned controlling company.



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